McLaren Special Operations is selling McLaren F1 chassis #069 (nice) with less than 2,800 miles on its clock for somewhere between $12 to 14 million will all the usual bells and whistles, yet it is our understanding that a Compaq LTE 5280 is not part of the deal.

There are many McLaren F1s out there which we don’t know much about. These are the cars that do show up in Woking from time to time for regular service or certain upgrades, but not in any tax records. But chassis #069 is not one of those ghost F1s. Instead, this 1998 model is the 60th F1 ever built, and since McLaren only made 64 road cars, that makes it one of the last few as well.


Originally painted Mercedes Brilliant Silver and equipped with an LM interior, #069 is now sporting a Carbon Black paint with stealth finish 17-inch centre-locking magnesium wheels. Inside, the central driving seat is finished in black and contrasting red leather, with the passenger seats wrapped in Alcantara.

McLaren Special Operations is selling it on behalf of a private client, in factory condition, with a UK registration and all taxes paid. The lucky buyer will also get:

- The correct numbered LM edition of the F1 bible known as Driving Ambition

- The correct number of lightweight French tools, and a Swiss watch

Like all F1s, chassis #069 also comes with GOLD.

The price for all this?

Around $13 million would be a fair guess. RM auctions estimated chassis #073 to fetch $15 million at Pebble Beach recently, but in the end, the LM-spec car with 3,728 miles on the clock found its now owner at $12.5 million, plus the buyer’s fee.


If you end up winning this bidding, please start driving the damn thing. That’s what Gordon Murray and Ron Dennis made it for.

Photo: McLaren

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