You Can Buy A High-Mileage Used McLaren, But Should You?

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You can now buy a McLaren 12C for what you might spend on a desirable Porsche. Matt Farah over at The Smoking Tire tested a high-mileage example of the company’s late, great mid-engine sports car to see if, well, you should.

The 12C was a $230,000 car when it was new, and while well-used examples might be a hundred grand cheaper now, they still deliver a $230,000 driving experience. They all do, however, still require a $230,000 car’s worth of maintenance and upkeep.


You need to keep your car on a battery tender, as Farah explains, because the thing will go dead, and then it takes 45 minutes and a handful of tools that nobody owns to even get access to the thing, hidden deep in some nether region of the vehicle in the name of optimal weight distribution.

The car Farah drove, a 32,000-mile rental from Club Sportiva, had recently been through a $15,000 suspension repair (remember, this thing has hydraulic suspension all around) and it has had another $15,000 worth of other repairs on all of the other teething issues you’d expect from a new carmaker.


“This is a car where, if you bought it for $120,000 and you had to spend $20 grand in maintenance, I think the driving experience would still be worth it,” Farah says, and I couldn’t agree more.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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This is why Porsche is still the most accessible sports car. You see turbos out there with insane mileage and it's totally fine. No way I would pay 120k for this when I can get a lightly used GT3 for that price.