You Can Build The JDM Tuner Of Your Dreams With Amazon Japan

Amazon, what can’t you get from it? Well, as we all know, you can now get your Not Top Gear or even a BMW i3 from Amazon, but did you know that on Amazon Japan you can make all your Fast and Furious “overnight parts from Japan” jokes a reality? You totally can.

I’m all about that Honda, so where am I going to go? Spoon and Mugen. Let’s take a look at what we can get off of Amazon (besides full Type R engines):


Maybe you need to rebuild your car, maybe you need to order, say Honda Logo GA3 parts in silver, but your car is 15 years old and even the Honda dealership is out of stock? Amazon can help you with that, too:

You could almost build an additional car out of Amazon parts!

But I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Kat, I don’t like Honda. I like... Nissan. I like GT-Rs, can I get a GT-R on Amazon?” The answer, dear reader, is yes... Yes, you can. If you want it in parts:


As long as you know the chassis number for whatever JDM dream machine you wish to peruse, you can buy that shit from Amazon Japan, charged to your credit card, and shipped to your (Japanese) front door in just a couple of days. In some cases you can even choose bank transfer (known as furikomi) or cash on delivery. Yes, you read that right. Amazon Japan? Yes, CODs are totally cool.

Got a rusted out, blown apart husk of a Supra? Amazon Japan can help you with that, but... You best bring your money.... YEAH!

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