You Can And Should Buy Willie Nelson's Tour Bus

Photos credit Craigslist seller
Photos credit Craigslist seller
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I see you out there. You’re like me, spending all your free moments—such as they are—browsing the Craigslist, looking to cheat some fool out of their Acura Integra or Stutz Bearcat for a song. But here is a vehicle you should actually buy for the next time you are “on the road again” (pun very much intended): the Willie Nelson Family Band tour bus.

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Up for grabs on Austin, Texas Craigslist is “Me and Paul,” which is not referring to me and a guy named Paul but a 1983 Eagle bus done up by Florida Coach for Nelson’s band. (And it’s named after the album. Clearly.)


We wrote about what sure appears to be the same bus in 2014, when it was being sold. Since then, the current listing says the bus has been rented out by “a group of Austin Texas entrepreneurs and Outlaw Country fans” for various events like weddings and concerts. Now it needs a forever home, and it is up for auction until Nov. 7.

The current bid, as of this writing, is $47,800.

Owned by drummer Paul English, the bus is unique because it has been preserved after going on tour and not retrofitted for another client or set on fire, as musical tour buses typically are. From the listing:

Besides some mechanical upgrades, this bus has been very well preserved and still looks like the inside of a vintage stage coach or VIP train car complete with rich Mahogany, many leather boundings, and crushed red velvet. After the band finished using the bus it moved around the country for years with a number of different owners.

As for what might be hidden in secret compartments underneath the body, well... you can use your imagination there.

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***The Bus has its own WEBSITE. Visit to learn more and place bids***


You guys, the bus has its own website.

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