You Actually Can Put A Gun Rack In A Chevy Volt, Newt Gingrich

One gun-totin' Chevy Volt owner responded to Newt Gingrich's claim that "you can't put a gun rack in a Volt" in the best way possible. He built a gun rack and put it in his own Volt, just to prove Gingrich wrong.

While GM sidestepped the question, this guy absolutely took on the presidential hopeful with some rope, some PVC pipe and some guns. True, it's a really ganky-looking DIY gun rack, but whatevs, it totally works.

Does it bust open the stereotype of early adopters of hybrids as nothing but granola-munching hippies? Yup, plenty of them are red-blooded yahoos with more concerns about energy security or innovation than exhaust emissions or environmental protection. And that's why U-S-A rhymes so well with N-R-A.

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Irving Snapoversteer Washington

This man's a national treasure, and his gun rack got me to thinking about how EVs should be done. If they're really going to be viable, don't we need EV pickups? It's a high-torque application where vehicle weight hardly matters. The issue, currently, is still battery capacity, just as it is for road cars. But don't you think that the Volt and Leaf are fundamentally the wrong direction for EVs? Lots and lots of fleet buyers have to comply with municipal or state-level regulations aimed at keeping air in our big cities clean. That's why you see trash haulers, bus companies, and municipalities as the early adopters of CNG and other low emission technology.

So, let's have an EV F-150 to start with a an EV Raptor just as soon as we can develop good enough batteries.