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Yes, You Will Still Get Parking Tickets In Your Ten Million Dollar 1970 Ferrari 512M

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A $14.5 million 1970 LeMans-racing Ferrari 512M fell victim to the traffic wardens in Kensington, London, where it was “illegally” parked for a photo op by classic car dealer Fiskens.

The $14.5 million classic Ferrari racecar’s ticketing was subsequently picked up by the BBC, The Daily Mail, The Sun, and others.


Speaking to The Daily Mail, Fiskens acquisition specialist Rory Henderson said, “It is a quiet area and we brought the car out onto the mews to be photographed. They were deadly serious and weren’t going to be stopped. I thought it was a bit unnecessary as we do try to be considerate of our neighbours. I think it is probably the most expensive car ever ticketed.”


A ticket that roughly equates to a $175 dollar fine pales in comparison to the value of the car, but the rules are the rules and we all have to follow them?

You can read about the history of this 12-cylinder LeMans racing Ferrari 512 chassis 1002 over on the Fiskens webpage, where it’s currently for sale if you’ve got the cash. Maybe next time they’ll get permission before location scouting for photos.