Yes, You Technically Can Drive a Hummer H1 In The U.K.

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Here’s a hypothetical situation; You are a wealthy professional body builder, actor, and former governor of the state of California, and you’ve been relocated to the U.K. because you’ve earned a residency teaching young actors how to do a crazy-ass accent in the basement of the Hammersmith Apollo. You currently daily drive a Hummer H1 diesel in Los Angeles, and nothing else will do. Can you ship it over to your new home? Car Throttle is here to do the kind of investigative journalism you deserve.


A normal person would think that an H1 would be nothing but a burden anywhere but the open desert or the huge lanes of the American interstate system. Car Throttle finds out that it is technically possible to get around old blighty in a civvie Hummer, if not easy.

On the motorway it’s not too bad, as there is enough room for the thing to drive, the truck’s sight lines are great with lots of glass in the greenhouse, and it’s not too uncomfortable, all things considered.

Of course, it’s perfect to drive around the woods on off road trails and across the farming hills and dells. This truck was built to drive anywhere the road doesn’t go, and it’ll tackle the muddy and wet terrain of the U.K. with aplomb.

Around town is the tough bit, as you will occasionally be forced to drive over some pedestrians and you may need a jockey to ride with you who can get out to move misplaced trash bins occasionally.

As you’ll see in the video, the Hummer is absolutely at its worst when it comes to putting in an order at the Burger King drive-through.

Thanks Alex and the Car Throttle crew for doing the hard work figuring this out for us. Now we all know the down sides of shipping our Hummer H1 to the U.K. to use as a commuter car.

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Useless but mildly interesting trivia: The Ford Raptor is 86.3 inches wide (not counting the mirrors), just 0.2 inches less than an H1 Hummer.