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Yes, You Can Railslide a Subaru

He can't ollie, but Team O'Neil instructor Wyatt Knox did figure out another way to grind a 1992 Subaru Legacy using a felled tree, an icy approach and a dab of oppo. Well yes, someone had to try it.


If you've never heard of Wyatt Knox, you haven't been paying attention to grassroots 2WD rally competition. Knox and his Mazdaspeed3 have been podiuming like mad in both Rally America and RallyCar U.S. Rallycross Championship competition. Like many up-and-comers, Knox is mostly a crew of one, wrenching his way through rally service as well as driving.

"Don't ask where I got the idea for this one," Knox writes on his blog about the railslide attempt. "Guess I spend too much time either snowboarding or in a rally car, it just seemed natural to try and boardslide a Subaru down a snowy log on an icy hill. Nobody really knew what to expect, most people thought the car would break in half, somehow it worked out fairly well."


Your move, Mr. Block.

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Could I get the link to his blog? I can't find it anywhere. Plus, since its quoted in the post, shouldn't the link to his blog be provided? Or how does that work?