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Yes Virginia, GM Really Is Serious About The Chevy Volt Electric Car

According to this here self-produced news segment straight from the phallic Detroit tower of power that is the Renaissance Center, the General is really serious about testing the Chevy Volt electric car. And if they're serious about showing us how serious they are about testing the Volt and the E-Flex system, then maybe that means they're serious about building it too. Right? Well — In addition to the knowledge the big automaker from 'merica is now working with their vendor A123 systems on testing Li-Ion battery systems we now know thanks to GM CEO Rick Wagoner, that yes, electric vehicles really are driven by electricity. [via GM]


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If and when Chevy can produce the same number of Volts as Toyota does Priuses, I'll start believing. But it's all talk and show cars right now.

I just don't see how all the other influences that have maintained the status quo for so long are suddenly going to allow American car companies to make cars that run on anything other than gasoline.

As much as the public may want energy independence, the public doesn't own the government; the corporations do. They'll decide the when and if, as they always have.