Yes, These Idiots Went Off Roading With A Lowrider

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Headed to Las Vegas on dirt alone? You got to go three-wheelin’ Monte Carlo bro!

What can you do when your off-road maniac friend buys a full on crazy lowrider right from the hood instead of a Jeep or something sensible, but your plan is to go all the way to the shiny spot on the map known as Las Vegas using the dirt roads of Nevada alone?


You start laughing, obviously. Because replacing those wire wheels with proper off-road rubber won’t solve all the problems, that’s for sure.

This might not be the greatest Roadkill ever, sure, but it’s a good reminder that we all need to grab a beer with these lunatics at some point, Jalopnik sticker included.

By the way, we don’t really have lowriders here in Europe. Not sure if that’s a bad thing...


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For some reason I’m not missing top gear so much. I’m too busy laughing my ass off.