Yes, the Rich Have to Eat. Kinda.

You know, when you see a movie star, you immediately think of the roles they’ve played and the cool movies they’ve been in. But, you don’t think “Hey, that guy has to eat, right?” I mean, watching Tom Hanks or Cher walking down the dog food aisle at Ralph’s isn’t normal, you know what I’m saying? Or, is it?

The answer is a definite “yes.” These people have to eat, just like the rest of us shmo’s. Not all of them send “their people” to go shopping for food. They actually head to the store themselves in their cool rides and get what they need.

And that, makes them kinda regular people. Kinda. Well, some of them. The regulars are Dick Van Dyke, Hanks, Cruise, George C. Scott (when he wasn’t dead), Big Wave Surfer Laird Hamilton and a few others. The not so regular ones are Sly, Ryan O’Neill and his cracked out son …and Angelina. NOT NORMAL.


But, this is about cars. Cool cars at Ralph’s. I mean, where else are you gonna drive your Classic Rolls to get sardines and TP? Got a Thunderbird, get some bird food. Slammed Black Caddy? Pick up some licorice. Nissan Cube? Um… HOW’D THAT GET IN THERE!?

And me? What do I buy? Chocolate. Any and EVERY chance I get. Period. Check out some rides I’ve spotted while getting my fix after the jump.

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