Can you get a running Subaru Outback for under 500 bucks? Having a team full of accountants means that you can do some Enron-style bookkeeping and put a smile on the LeMons Supreme Court Justices' faces with your very convincing documentation (however good that theory seemed, it didn't quite work out quite that way in practice). UDMan talked to the Bean Counters Racing team; jump away to read their story.

Just wanted to highlight a couple of teams. 1st comes team 8, the Bean Counters Racing, in none other than a Subaru Outback! The reason why they are called Bean Counters is because a couple of team members works for Price Waterhouse Coopers, one of the big accounting firms. They are based in the Hartford area, and decided to compete after hearing about this race. The car in question, was a refugee abandoned at a body shop, under some trees. It was hit on the front drivers side, and all their brakes were seized. So, according to their team captain, Bill, they had the car dragged to their upper middle class neighborhood, where they proceeded to wash and carnauba wax the beast, while tearing out the interior that was used as a sex paradise. Those are stock Outback Rims, and yes, it’s still an Auto and AWD. Listen up guys. They have a female driver, who is not only hot on the track, but is also gifted with facts and figures (She also works for PWC, so get your mind out of the gutter). This is a team that was assessed a 40 lap penalty because Jay thought the car was worth more. The Accountants should have their documentation in place….