​Yes, Tesla Really Is Working On A Robotic Snake To Charge Its Cars

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It's almost 2015 and we still have to grab the charging cable to plug in our magical electric cars with our hands. Like animals. Tesla is working on a solution and Elon Musk claims it's making a charger that automatically moves out of the wall like a metal snake, "for realz" (direct quote).


Musk took to Twitter to talk about his plans of hands-free, automatic charging for both current and future Teslas:

Musk had mentioned this at The D reveal in October as part of his grand plan of adding more automation. That includes using the Auto Pilot system to automatically park the car in the garage, have the charging port door open, and then have the automated charging cable plug itself in.

Yes, it sounds awesome. Yes, it's something we've complained about in the past. And yes, we're living in the future. When that future will arrive is another story. But there's some cognitive dissonance coming from a guy proposing an articulating, autonomous metal snake that can deliver a few hundred volts of electricity and who also equates AI research to "summoning the demon".



You are telling me these motherfucking things are gonna charge that motherfucking car?