Yes, People Actually Do Zumba Dances To A Bunch Of Random Car Alarms

While most of the general public would turn rubber-neck upon hearing sirens and car alarms, these folks just use them to dance to the beat in fitness classes. It isn’t the most common sight in the world, but, um, I’ve done it before, too.

Right. So, here’s the story with how this ended up here. Our night editor, Justin Westbrook, found this clip on Friday night and refrained from posting it himself—likely with plenty of jokes in the body of the story—so that I could when I took over for the weekend shift.


Why, you ask? Because I’m a Zumba Fitness instructor.

The title (“Zumba: Dancing to Car Alarm”) looked hilariously ridiculous when Westbrook first sent the video over, but I knew I was in for it as soon as I heard the “song” in the background. Ashamed, I responded “I’ve done that song before!” Another instructor taught the dance at a fundraiser event, but I still participated. Sigh.


“It’s... a song?” he responded.

Nope. Good point, Westbrook. It’s a bunch of random car sirens, and the mashup never gets much better than what you hear in the 15-second video above. But hey, not every moment can be our proudest moment. I’m just glad that no one had a video camera on me while I did this.

At this point, you’re all probably wondering what it’s actually like to dance to the sound of car alarms. In short, it’s pretty weird. And unlike songs with actual beats, singing and instruments, you never know when it’s going to end.

But that’s life. If we knew when different things would come to an end, we’d be a whole lot more cautious and have a whole lot less fun. And when you’re a car enthusiast, you just have to push those boundaries like they’ll be there forever.


(Way to wrap that embarrassing moment up like a bad life lesson, Alanis.)

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