Yes, Even Citroëns Go To The Crusher In California!

Since we had a DOTS Traction-Avant this morning, let's stay in a Citroën state of mind by checking out this ID19 I found in an East Bay self-service junkyard over the weekend. Belvedere Adrian ran across this 47-year-old French wagon while scavenging for parts for the race car and figured I'd be interested. Interested? I was on the Nimitz Freeway about 45 seconds later!


The ID19 was a less expensive version of the luxurious DS, developed as a replacement for the Traction-Avant. This one's been picked over pretty thoroughly (I suspect that Henry Hanzel, who can smell a Citroën from the next county, got here first), but the emblem was still on the tailgate.

And now it's on my Civic! My poor Honda had all its emblems pried off (no doubt by roving bands of Honda hoodlums) while living in San Francisco, so it needed some new ones. I contemplated swapping the Citroën one-spoke steering wheel onto the Civic as well, but the factory airbag seemed worth keeping.


Now all the car needs is a huge portrait of Soichiro on the hood and maybe a rotating radar antenna on the roof. Hey, you have freedom to hack up your car when you know you'll be its last owner!


I also grabbed this beautiful instrument cluster, for use in a really stupid project I'm working on. Best $9.95 I've spent in a while. And, hey, the clock even works (after disassembly and oiling)!

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