Yeesh, The Sunfire

Our pal Marcos runs a great custom shop in Antioch, California. His paintwork is absolutely legendary; he's an heir to a classic California legacy that runs the gamut from bombas and classic lowriders to the O.G. lead sleds pumped out by guys like Gene Winfield. A few years ago, we were at his shop and noticed a custom-painted Sunfire. We were like, "What's up with that?" He replied that GM had given it to him as a SEMA project car. But the paint gun of Marcos Garcia could not save the beleagured Sunfire, a car we'd always felt was a non-starter to begin with. But check this: we just realized that Pontiac sold that thing for ten freaking years and we didn't notice. A decade! Of that!. One can bitch and complain about GM's current product line, but at least they're not selling stuff like the Sunfire anymore. Amen. A-a-a-a-men.

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