Wrecked Lambo Owner Wins Standoff With Dealer

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The Quebec dealership that wrecked a Lamborghini Gallardo after a tire alignment, then declined to compensate the owner for his lost value has come to terms after the owner's online appeals. Who says you can't fight back?

The owner, Greg_van, posted the news on the local hot rod forum:

To everyone that followed my story with Porsche Lauzon, thanks for the support. The matter has been settled and I have been completely compensated for the damages on my car. It appears that the delays to settle the matter were caused by the insurers, but Porsche Lauzon decided to indemnify me before their insurer even contributed in order to preserve their reputation of excellence.


While some people may see this as a rich mens' duel, we'd note that in other parts of that same forum Greg_van described how he wasn't the typical Lambo owner, needing a second mortgage and his life savings to afford the exotic car of his dreams. The wreck came during the car's first trip to a dealership; the owner had done all the prior service on his own.

Without the response from people who read the story here and elsewhere, it's doubtful the dealer would have made the right call. It's a lesson for anyone faced with a similar wrong from a business: Before they step up, sometimes you have to stand up. (H/t to Frederick!)