Wow Somebody Turned A BMW X5 Into A Ridiculous Off-Road Machine

Feed the beast! (Image: Brain Foster)
Feed the beast! (Image: Brain Foster)
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The BMW X5 is advertised as off-road capable, but come on—you’d have to do something crazy like hacking all of the bumpers off for steel tubes. Throw a cage in there. Tires like dragonskin and, wait, no, some dude actually did that.


Behold, the first truly badass BMW X5 I’ve seen since Clive Owen ran one through an off-road chase in a fake war zone.


This maniacal machine is apparently the work of Brian Foster, who’s currently hocking it on Facebook for $8,000.

I can’t imagine the car rides quite as nicely as it might have with the stock... anything. But it sure looks like it could take a bump or three.

One of the biggest jokes in the car community is that you can drop a GM LS engine in anything and improve it, and here we’ve got exactly that. Plus an, enormous turbocharger, making what I would qualify as “a lot of power” and probably even more noise.


We salute Mr. Foster for his creativity and ingenuity. This machine is the rolling embodiment of so many nights when my friends and I would sit in our parents’ garages and say, “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if—”


Hat tip to Ben!

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So C-Span is running a hearing on self-driving cars right now. The Lyft representative is blowing a bunch of smoke up everyone’s butt about technology protecting everyone’s privacy (and turning the hearing into an infomercial for Lyft). The paradigm seems to have shifted from regular cars with self-driving features to fully autonomous vehicles w/o manual control. GM and Lyft are both talking about costs being such that ride-sharing, not individual ownership is contemplated.

Great. Not only do you not get to drive your car, you don’t get to own it. Only a matter of time before people aren’t allowed to drive at all anymore.