Would You Take A V6 Mustang Over A V6 Camaro?

Illustration for article titled Would You Take A V6 Mustang Over A V6 Camaro?

An argument as old as time itself: Mustang or Camaro?

Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask what you would do to drive one.


Ok, so the argument isn't as old as time, but it's at least as old as anyone born after the 1960's. So which will it be, Ford or Chevy?

Since we're talking base V6's here, you know you're getting about the same power (as near as makes no difference 300 HP) in a RWD coupe. Let's say they're both manual, no-options no-frills versions as well. Do you like to be able to see out of your car? The Mustang might be a better choice. Do you like a car that transforms into a giant robot? The Camaro might be for you.


No matter what you choose, you're making a good choice. Just be sure to justify it below.

Photo Credit: Ford

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Dodge Charger V6


Because... More practical

More aggressive manly styling

More Chrysler Group awesomeness


Because "practical everyday" Racecar!


I know what is pictured is the V8 SRT, but kudos if you can get the V6 in such body kit!