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Would You Take A 911 Over An R8?

Illustration for article titled Would You Take A 911 Over An R8?

Though oft compared, these two cars are strikingly different. Which will you be having?


Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask what you would do to drive one.

The R8 is a thoroughly modern machine. AWD, a thumping great V8 or V10, and a shape that says, "I'm an angry robot shark" let you know that Audi isn't here to play around. The R8 was built on a solid foundation of Le Mans wins and set out to conquer the sports car patriarchy.


The patriarch that the R8 had in mind? That would be the 911. Technically it's clearly a product of the 1960's — a rear-engined, rear-wheel driven Coke bottle of a car. And yet, as soon as you drive one, you'd be a fool to say it isn't keeping up with its contemporaries. Even if the engine is dangling out behind the rear wheels, over 50 years Porsche has perfected the dynamics.

Old world or new world, the choice is yours. Has Audi successfully overtaken the old master, or is his throne safe? Choose your German and make your case below.

Photo Credit: Andreas Reiffer

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Fred Smith

let's look at the 2014 tale of the tape for their Le Mans programs (some from rumors, some known):

two coupes with part time AWD from a flywheel hybrid system.

both programs run by legendary racing teams of both history and today (joest for audi sport, penske racing for porsche motorsport)

both programs to have sports car stars (porsche will upgrade factory drivers partick long, joerg bergemeister and wolf henzler, among others, while audi will retain tom kristensen,alan mcnish, andre lotterer and benoit treluyer, among others), while porsche will also add current open wheel stars ryan briscoe and mark webber

both programs will be playing on a history that makes them the two lone manufacturers to have win counts at Le Mans in the double digits, with audi's spanning just over a decade and porsche's spanning over half a century.

if the history of either brand is to be regarded (with the exception of the audi R15), the cars will both be absolutely gorgeous, but the audi will be more technical and aggressive, while the porsche will be more natural and curvacious.

the audi will be built by dallara after being designed by audi as usual, while the new porsche will be built in-house at the porsche motorsport plant, just as the RS spyder and all the 911 GT3 race cars have been in previous years.

the most obvious sentiment, of course, is that both will be funded by the same company, volkswagen auto group. it will be very similar to the strategy used between audi and bentley in the early 00s, but the cars will not share any parts as they did back then. the teams will be completely separate as well.

it's obviously your choice, but from that list I'll take porsche 9 times out of 10.

of course, you can also be strange and cheer for toyota or a fourth party.