Would You Like To Buy Bill Ford's House?

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The Freep's reporting former FoMoCo CEO Bill Ford Jr.'s selling his house on 17.1 acres of land in Ann Arbor, MI. The asking price is a mere $3.95 million for the David Osler-designed contemporary home built in 1980. And for those of you wondering — no, Bill Ford's not leaving Michigan. Rather, he and his family have moved down the street to another palatial home or mansion of some sort. Somehow we think what with the announcement of Pfizer shutting down operations in the city you might be able to get a pretty good deal on it. And hey, he might even throw in an Edge or two if you're lucky.


A Bill Ford home can be yours [Freep]

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Ray Wert

A.) I don't hate Ford.

B.) I got it right — the post says:"...former FoMoCo CEO..."

C.) I didn't call him Billy. But I like it.