Would You Go $59,950 For This 2000 Gemballa Porsche 911?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

With twin turbos and tuner mods, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 911 should be a ball to drive - a Gemballa in fact. Will it’s price also prove likewise?

Have you ever found a cool car in a barn? Yeah, me neither, just chickens and cow pies. The seller of yesterday’s 1964 Rambler Classic 660 however, is of another breed; those who find cars in barns and then try and sell them. He shouldn’t have much trouble doing so with that Rambler as it took a substantial 88% Nice Price win for its four-grand asking.


As we discussed yesterday the Rambler was a salt of the earth, middle of the road, don’t rock the boat American family sedan for American families that knew which side their bread was buttered. Or something like that.

But what if you were not in the family way? What if instead you were more of a swinging single seeking conquests both on the road and in the bars, what kind of car would YOU want to drive, hustler?


The 996 edition of Porsche’s long-lived and venerable 911 line is perhaps the red-headed stepchild of the marque. Plagued in early editions with engine issues - porous alloy blocks, intermediate shaft failures, etc - as well as being in fact a Boxster clone from the doors forward, it’s generally the least-valued 911 sub-series on the market. That means they can usually be had for relatively cheap. This one isn’t what you would call cheap.

What it is is a Gemballa-modded edition of the romper-stomper twin-turbo Carrera. Now, Tuesday’s Prelude had a claimed 400 horsepower, and that car took two engines to achieve that. This car has one engine with two turbos, and in stock factory form it pumped out 420 horsepower from its 3.6-litre flat six.


This one, being a claimed Gemballa GTR, should put out even more. In fact, while not described as such in the ad, these usually go by GTR 500, 550, 600, etc where the numeric indicates the quantity of horses corralled in the car’s ass.


This serious black over grey and more black edition certainly looks bad ass, what with its Turbo wide-body, iconic wing, and extended front lip. The interior - never a 996 song suit - is dressed for success with alloy and carbon fiber accents - and hasn’t your doctor been telling you to get more fiber?

The full Gembealla-ization isn’t detailed in the ad so it potentially could extend no further than the decals on the doors, but I’d guess those aren’t the ‘high performance upgrades’ that are referenced.


At least the rest of the specs are impressive; AWD, 6-speed manual, and less than 17,000 miles on the clock to boot. Plus, despite the standard joke that high performance 911s will overcome most people’s talent and go ass-first into a tree, this car is claimed to have never been wrecked, and to come with a clean title. What more could you want?


Well, let’s see how much you might want this 2000 911 when considering its $59,950 price tag. Yes, that’s a lot of Miatas, but then you’d have to buy a lot of Miatas to reach the pony count of just this one car.

What’s your take on this super clean and obviously mean Gemballa Porsche? Does $59,950 seem like a deal for a tuner-modded car? Or, is this a Carrera priced to make you not care?


You decide!


Portland Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to WindAdvisory for the hookup!

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