Would You Ever Buy Multiples Of The Same Car?

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For most of us, owning more than one car isn't even an option, let alone owning more than one of the same car. Usually if you've got space for 2, you want 2 entirely different (or at least somewhat unique) experiences to enjoy when the mood strikes you.

And then there are people that have 7 Beetles. What compels someone to love a single model so passionately? Is it an affective disorder? I truly don't understand. But then again, this picture of several GTV's together has almost made my heart explode.

Would you own several iterations of the same car (for more than just parts)? Yes or no, do tell in the comments.

Photo Credit: Otis Blank



I have indeed owned multiples of the same car. Coincidentally, it was two Alfa GTV's and if you want to get really technical I owned three at the same time as follows:

#1-My first, bought in 94 and kept till about 99' was a 1972 Red GTV with Dual side draft webers and needed some serious body work but it went like hell.

#2 - In 97' My mechanics in NJ sold me a 1973 tan GTV with Spica injection. The owner had rear ended someone because his brakes weren't working from the car sitting for awhile. They had got the car mechanically perfect and were about to graft a new nose on the car when I offered to buy it. I upgraded brakes and began in earnest to fix niggles. It became my daily driver and saw mild track time at LimeRock.

#3 - Around 97' someone on the Alfa Digest was giving away a 1973 burgundy GTV that had been sitting under a tarp for 10yrs. I took the car and had it flat bedded to my mechanics. There wasn't much left of the floors and rockers but I worked a deal with my mechanics to allow me to strip the car of the doors, hood, trunk, grill, bumpers, wheels, and parts of the interior at their shop. In exchange they got the sport springs, driveline and the front and rear glass.

I no longer have any of these cars. #1 went to someone in MA who was going to do what I couldn't in body work but I later found out it became a car similar to my #3. #2 was sold to a guy in Westchester who was going to go to town on a full resto for the car. I don't know what became of it but he was as enthusiastic as me but he actually had the money to do it.

I would add that as a true Alfisti, while owning #1 GTV I had an 85' GTV6 as a daily, then sold that for a 67 Giulia Super. GTV #3 was replaced with an 87' Milano Platinum since my commute was getting longer and even that was replaced with an 88' Verde.

I miss them all....