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Would You Drive This?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Let’s say there’s a supercar. It fits all the iconic supercar ideals: dramatic styling, huge mid-mounted engine, fast as hell, dramatic, all that. There’s one big difference, though: you drive it in a position with your feet above your hands. Would you drive it?

(I’m trying out a possible new series here with Would You Drive This? I come up with some car idea and ask if you’d drive it. That’s it!)


It’s even better, because you’re actually suspended from the roof of the car. The seat is almost like a hammock, cradling your buttocks, while your feet are supported by the pedals via either some sort of stirrup or maybe a little padded shelf-like thing. The thinking is, as you drive, your body moves an your weight shifts, which helps with cornering, like a motorcycle.

At least, that’s what their PR person says. They also claim it’s safer in a crash (the airbag for your head is in the roof, not the steering wheel, so your junk is safe from airbag impact) and they insist the whole driving experience is much better.


Just so we’re clear, this is the position you’re driving in:

There’s only two pedals, because it’s got a very nice paddle-shift system.

So, here’s the question: assuming the styling and performance of the car meet your expectations, would you drive this car? Would you drive it if you had to buy it? What if I just gave you one, on the condition you couldn’t change the driving position?


As always, I can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking.