Would You Deliver This 2000 GT To Japan?

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Like a nerve-wracking dream come true.

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If you're reading this site, chances are you've fantasized about being something of a car delivery guy. You know, crazy rich person needs his Bugatti moved from his New York penthouse to his Malibu villa, and (inexplicably) instead of shipping it, he hires you to drive it across the country.

But with great power comes great responsibility. If you screw up, it's not just you that has to deal with the consequences. You're ruining someone else's dream car as well. With that in mind, would you deliver a 2000 GT to Japan? Drive it from where you live in the US, and then accompany it on the boat to Tokyo? It'll take time, patience, and skill. But Toyota's most beautiful product makes pretty good company.

Would you take a bit of time off to do this? Or would this be too much time and too much pressure? Discuss in Kinja.

Photo Credit: Otis Blank



Can't, I'm sorta not allowed to drive in Japan anymore.

Long story that involves me, a Savannah RX-7, an Okinawan finance firm & the Marine Corps.