Would You Chop The Top Off Your Lamborghini Reventon?

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The classic debate: arguably better looks with a hardtop, or the open-air thrill of a droptop. Which will you be having?


Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask what you would do to drive one.

The Reventon is one of the coolest (and rarest) Lamborghinis ever built, which is impressive coming from a company that's made some pretty cool and rare cars in its day. It was inspired by a fighter jet (and subsequently inspired the styling of the Aventador), and was at the forefront of the matte paint craze. If we could have one we'd take it, but in what flavor?


If you want to go full fighter-jet, obviously you'll need the hardtop. This is how the car was intended to be consumed. But, if you want to hear that V12 a little better, and feel the wind in your hair (at about 180 miles per hour), it'll have to be the roadster. You can see the roadster in action here

Which one are you going to take? We might have provided an opinion here if we weren't so divided ourselves. Let us know what you decide down below.

Photo Credit: GFWilliams

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Why don't you just get an Reventon Roadster?

Edit: That picture is an Aventador Roadster, which I was going to say instead of the Reventon Roadster, but when I went to change my picture, it wouldn't let me. Whatever, they all look the same anyway.