Would The Alfa Romeo 4C Look Better With A More Retro Design?

The upcoming Alfa 4C has been controversial to say the least, particularly in terms of styling. Would a retro design fix any doubts about the car?

This little study was drawn up by designer and Alfisti Nick Ericson at Überangst, witha bit of a throwback to the legendary Tipo 33 Stradale, recognized by some as the most beautiful car ever made.

To be completely honest we are a bit underwhelmed with the Alfa 4C production car shown in Geneva. The “I’m a little teapot” mirrors (why?), and the spider eye lights are a bit scary (not in a good way). We think the design is a little bit fuzzy too. Alfa claims that they were inspired by the 33 Stradale, and you can see it in some of the shapes, and especially in the wheelbase/overall size, as they are almost identical. So instead of complaining, we decided to make our own. We based our car on the same inspiration, and dimensions. This design was conceived over a weekend, so it’s by no means complete, but more of a “what if” exercise… Think of it as our Alfa Romeo 4c v.2.


What do you think?

Would you rather see something more like this to come Stateside than Alfa's original version?


See more of the car at Überangst.

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