Would A Wart Removal Treatment Work On A Leaper That Doesn't Belong?

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Not-so-buried in Jaguar's accessories guide, there's an absurd waste of money I've seen too many customers request for their XF and XJ. It's getting that damn leaper installed on a hood it clearly didn't belong on.


From Jaguar's own description:

For a stunning finishing touch, add the hood ornament that stands alone: the Jaguar Leaper.


Stunning is right. I get some people think it belongs there, like a landau top on a Buick Verano. But when a tuning company stuck a leaper on an F-Type, there was only one way to look at it – as a wart.

TheBaron2112 filled us in on some childhood detail that actually applies to this awful F-Type:

When I was a young boy, I had a few warts. Some were on my fingers. One was on my palm. A fourth was on the very tip of my nose. It was pointy and I was very embarrassed about it.

I went to a doctor and had it burned off with a weird electro-gun thing. It hasn't come back and my face looks marginally better due to its absence.

That's what this is on the F-Type. A nose wart that turns something beautiful into something ugly.

It should be removed with electricity and fire.

You know you can just buy stuff at the pharmacy to freeze warts right off?

Photo: Jaguar USA

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Isn't this illegal? Didn't take the Leaper out to pass the pedestrian safety standards? As in the Leaper can impale a pedestrian? I know the Spirit of Ecstacy retracts when the car is moving. Or like the MB star that is spring-loaded. Does it do the same thing?