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Germany's AutoBild magazine really has it in for the Shuanghuan CEO. No, not the actual CEO of Shuanghuan Auto, I'm sure he's lovely; the CEO is their SUV, which happens to be a very blatant Chinese knockoff of the BMW X5. It is, according to the Germans, the worst SUV in the world.


So what do you do when you're a journalist and you acquire a car you truly hate? In true Clarksonian fashion, you blow it up, of course.

That's what AutoBild writer Wolfgang Blaube did. It turns out a few of the CEO models made their way to Europe, and Blaube — probably out of curiosity more than anything else — became an owner of one.


After a few years of ownership, the CEO started deteriorating. You don't have to speak German to see how the car became a rusted-out busted mess; it looks like what a Hyundai Pony would look like if you ran it in the World Rally Championship.

So Blaube blew it up in rather spectacular fashion, and all while standing like 10 feet away, which is crazy. The Germans are too efficient to feel fear.

Godspeed, Shuanghuan CEO. This is probably a better death than you deserved.

Hat tip to Carscoops!

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