They say that when faced with adversity, people learn what they are truly made of. Are you cool and levelheaded or do you panic and screw up the situation even more than it was before? I have a feeling that this guy is the latter.

Judging from this video uploaded to LiveLeak, the driver of the Geely seems like he left his car in reverse while chatting with a friend. So the car started to roll.


Upon noticing, the owner dashed over to try to stop the car, but instead of jamming on the brakes, he mistakenly jammed on the accelerator instead, causing the car to speed up. It knocked over a passing moped and fell into the river. Luckily, as the video’s caption asserts, the moped rider wasn’t injured.

Now imagine you’re the friend, who has been idly standing by and witnessed this entire macabre scene unfold. You walk over to the driver, who is sitting in the river. What do you say?

(“Please stop driving.” That is what you say. “For the love of God, please stop driving.”)

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