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World's Tackiest License Plate

Illustration for article titled Worlds Tackiest License Plate

Driving around in a New Jersey-plated Mercedes S-Class AMG didn't send the "I'm obnoxious" message clearly enough for this driver — so they listed the price they paid for it in their license plate. Classy. (Hat tip to Derek!)


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At the risk of summoning the Banhammer...

Lame effort, guys. I'm really annoyed by this. It's fairly common knowledge among car nerds that an S63 costs waaaay more than 87k, as the numerous posts below to that effect confirm. This guy just has a random plate. It was obvious to a bunch of your readers. Soooo... why post this? Is it that the real price of an S63 didn't occur to you? If so, that's very lame for someone who is neck deep in cars every day. Is it that the price did occur to you, but you didn't feel like checking further on whether this was really a vanity plate? If so, that's very, very lame for anyone with journalistic credentials, even a blogger. Or is it that the price occurred to you, you suspected it wasn't a vanity plate, but nonetheless you thought you could get a cheap laugh at the expense of some person who owns a car you would probably normally describe as extremely cool? If that's it, then this post is way beyond lame and into the realm of coldly cynical.

Isn't this a site run for and especially by car enthusiasts, to celebrate car culture? Isn't this site supposed to applaud people who drive cool/rare/fast/unique/interesting cars unless and until they are proven to be douchebags? If I want to read that people who drive big, fast cars are generally dicks I'll read Mother Jones or the New York Times editorial page. When I come to Jalopnik, I want to read that people who drive big, fast cars are generally awesome. If even Jalopnik won't fight the good fight for an S63 as something grand, and for cars as something other than mere transportation appliances, then what's the point? Let's just all go right now and trade in our WRX's, Miatas and American muscle for Prii, Insights and Camrys.

Seriously, seriously lame.