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Bran Ferrern overdid it with the ultra-equipped Unimog expedition rig he dubbed "MaxiMog" back in 2005. Now he's taken the idea of an overlander to a whole new level and basically built a spaceworthy liveaboard vehicle I couldn't even conceive of having the budget to execute.

Brian Raftery of Wired spent a lot of time with Mr. Ferren and learned all about the endless feature list and capabilities of the unbelievably high-tech transport truck Ferren created.


Powered by a six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, the truck can be toggled between four and six-wheel drive. It carries enough fuel to cover 2,000 miles on flat ground, but it can scale a 45 degree grade if necessary. That's steeper than most people could be bothered to walk up.

With an estimated "total cost is in the millions," the Ferren dubbed it the "KiraVan" for his four-year-old daughter, who he hopes will get to experience the world from it.

Some kinda experience!

From what I got out of Raftery's story, it sounds like Ferren is exactly the kind of dude you'd expect to bang out an off-road tractor trailer RV with a penthouse loft, route-scouting drones to launch, mast-mounted night-vision cameras, a restaurant-grade kitchen, and diesel motorcycle dingy.


His mum was a "renowned impressionist painter," his dad was buddies with Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. Ferren fueled his fortune with success in the technology and digital arts industry when it was just starting to get traction. That is to say, his name is on a patent for "multi-touch gestures" which about half of you are using to read this.


Check out the whole story by Brian Raftery and some fantastic photos of the technological marvel at this the KiraVan from Art Streiber right here:

The Most Insane Truck Ever Built and the 4-Year-Old Who Commands ItWired

Images: Art Streiber for Wired Magazine and Bren Ferren

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