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One of the most memorable scenes of the Fast and the Furious movies involves a Honda Civic barely passing under a semi trailer. It’s an incredible stunt even for a movie, and extremely dangerous to attempt in real life. Yet motorcycle vlogger Hammy Moto recreated this scene with his body when he fell from his bike and miraculously lived to post the video.

I swear this guy must have been a cat with multiple lives to spare in a previous life because had this been timed any differently, he would have hit one of the axles of the trailer. Hammy’s Kawasaki Z1000 started to wobble on a Southern California freeway and eventually bucked him off, sending him underneath—and thankfully, out the other side—of a semi trailer in two lanes over.


Hammy took to the comment section on YouTube to explain what happened after multiple commenters suggested he might have landed the wrong way after an extremely un-dank wheelie:

How did I get the wobbles? NO I DIDN’T WHEELIE. I was merging onto the freeway, checking traffic while I ventured over to the carpool lane. When I got next to the carpool lane, I check if it was clear again, then merged in while quickly accelerating in first gear. When I got up to enough speed to pass traffic (Traffic was doing 75-80 MPH) I changed into second gear (where the clip starts). First mistake I made was having my weight WAY too far back on the bike while accelerating, that mixed with the extremely bumpy freeway and the acceleration of the bike caused the front wheel to go extremely light. Thus causing the violent speed wobbles.

However, it’s worth noting that this explanation is entirely by his word, as the video starts after the bike started to wobble and Hammy also blurred out his speedometer in the video.

Either way, it is an utter miracle that he wasn’t injured far worse.

“If was going any slower or faster, I wouldn’t [have] been so fortunate,” Hammy said in his video description. “ The only injuries I got was a very small amount of road rash on my knee and hip.”


Maybe it’s time to invest in some good riding pants and boots, too, my dude. Stay safe out there.

[via Asphalt and Rubber; H/T pip bip]

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