World's Largest Shipbuilder Debuts 18-Foot-Long Genesis Mega Yacht

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This is not an 18-foot-long Hyundai, it’s an 18-foot-long Genesis. There’s a difference. But, like many of the biggest ships in the world these days, it’s still from Korea.

This is the Genesis EQ900L, or the Genesis G90L as we would call it here in the United States. The brand is now distinct from Hyundai, kind of like Acura to Honda or whatever. This particular model is just a stretched, long wheelbase version of the regular Genesis G90.


The L version is a foot longer than the regular 17-foot-long shortie version, with all of that an extra length added to the wheelbase. Gotta have that legroom.


It looks like you only get two seats back there, but they do all of the reclining and extendable footresting that you would expect from some kind of Mercedes. The headrests are pillowy.


I want one.