World's Largest Lamborghini Dealer Closes Its Doors

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According to California's Orange County Register, the world's largest Lamborghini dealer, Lamborghini Orange County, has closed its doors without explanation from either the dealership owners or Lamborghini parent company Volkswagen. The sudden shuttering of the dealership and its satellite showrooms comes on the heels of the closure of more mainstream "world's largest" dealers like Bill Heard Chevrolet. The owner of the Santa Ana based Lambo dealer, and reinforcer of every Lamborghini stereotype you've ever heard, Vik Keuylian, commenting on the matter said "I can't talk about anything."When reached for comment, VW hinted that poor business decisions on the part of Lamborghini OC, more than the general downturn in the market, had led to the closure of the dealer, but VW offered no further specifics. All the cars on the lot have been removed, the offices have been more or less stripped and the gates padlocked. No direction has yet been given for owners dealing with Lamborghini Orange County. Gallardo owner Joe Madeuplamboowner commented "Son of a b***h. Where am I gonna get my baby serviced now? I got a load a strippa's I got lined up to show this car off to an the damn thing has one a dem idiot lights on." [Further details and photo credit at OC Register]


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Jeff Glucker

That dealership is right near my office... I will go take some pics today at lunch...