World's First Twin-Turbo Viper TA Makes A Hellcat Look Like A Corolla

FIRE! NOISE! VIOLENT AMERICAN SPEED! These are the things you'll get if you slap two turbos onto a Dodge Viper TA. Also, 1,042 horsepower at the rear wheels. Hellcat? More like Hell-kitten, amirite?


This video comes to us from RSI Racing Solutions as they tout their new RSI Twin Turbo 1000 package for the Viper TA. It's actually kind of terrifying in this form, more so than your average Viper, and that says something. The car gets up past 140 mph a lot quicker than you'd expect.

Did I mention it has 973 pound-feet of torque at the wheels? Great googly moogly.


Ike B

God I love what turbos can do to anything. You set something on fire next to a turbo, and it doesn't run away, it gets excited.

You take that wasted, red hot, sometimes still burning gas blasting out the side of the engine, stick a funnel in front of it attached to a turbo, and that turbo will happily, greedily cram infinitely higher air pressure into that engine, and that engine turns psychotic with power immediately.

It's a study in voraciousness. If you don't put a wastegate on a turbo to divert just enough exhaust away from it to stay within the bounds of sanity, it literally will make so much power that the engine destroys itself in seconds. It will make power until everything explodes.

And sometimes those turbos are powered by explosions themselves. Just ask countless rally teams that use retarded spark and a little squirt of fuel to literally detonate a bomb next to the turbine wheel to keep it spinning fast between off-on throttle transitions.

Turbos love explosions, and they take those explosions and turn them into immensely more powerful explosions. And then they feed off the explosions to be even exploder.