World's First RHD Ford GT

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The Ford GT is unquestionably a great car for hooning. But hey, what to do if you're an Aussie hoon wanting to get some GT goodness legalized for road use Down Under? Well, Ford never offered a right-hand-drive version for such markets, so you're going to have to have it converted over to RHD yourself. Which hadn't been done at all until now. Even though the GT came out a while ago as a 2005 model, this is the world's first RHD conversion. Surely you'd think some plucky British GT owner like Jeremy Clarkson would've demanded RHD, but since the UK is so close to continental Europe, it's not illegal to drive a LHD car on British roads. However, for most Aussies, unless you've find some legal loophole, you operate your vehicle on the right. Which again raises the question: Why hasn't there been a RHD conversion before? Well...


Price, plain and simple. If you want to buy this RHD Ford GT from Mustang Motorsport, we hear that it would cost you over $500,000AUD. Our calculator says that's about $452,000USD. But don't raid the retirement fund or rob a bank just yet, because word on the street is that they've already pre-sold the planned run of five cars.
[via Australian Ford Forums]

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