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World's Dumbest Hellcat Driver Arrested After Posting Video Doing 198 MPH On Highway

Illustration for article titled Worlds Dumbest Hellcat Driver Arrested After Posting Video Doing 198 MPH On Highway

I’m going to file this under the “you call it a viral video, cops call it evidence” folder. I understand this is going to come as a shocker for many of you out there, but the guy who posted a video of himself doing 198 mph on a North Carolina highway got himself arrested. The charges are not looking good for him.


The 22-year-old William Jefferson has since been charged with reckless driving and street racing, as ABC 11 News reports, all thanks to the now-removed YouTube video “1000 HP Hellcat goes 200 MPH + Drifting!!

Jefferson has an otherwise clean record, and the highway he was on was otherwise dead at night last month, US-1 in Wake County, “near the Triangle Expressway,” per ABC 11 News.


I thought we went over this with the whole Afroduck saga, when one BMW driver set a lap record around Manhattan and posted his lap not long after, only to find the cops knocking on his door not long after that.

But hey, maybe don’t get mad at these guys. Get mad that we don’t fund our driver education and infrastructure enough to support no-speed-limit Autobahn-style highways where people could legally go as fast as they want.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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themanwithsauce - has as many vehicles as job titles

200mph with a check engine light.

Yep. It’s an FCA product alright.