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World Supersport Rider Andrea Antonelli Killed At Moscow Race

Illustration for article titled World Supersport Rider Andrea Antonelli Killed At Moscow Race

Italian motorcycle racer Andrea Antonelli died in a crash today at the World Supersport round in Moscow under a torrential downpour. He was 25.


The crash occurred when Antonelli collided with fellow rider and compatriot Lorenzo Zannetti, who Il Messagero points out was "wholly innocent," after Zannetti lost control of his bike. It appears as if Antonelli suffered massive head trauma in the accident.

The remainder of the event was canceled, according to News Corp. Australia.

Video of the crash is below. Fair warning, though it is difficult to make out exactly what happened through the heavy rain, it does show the crash that led to Antonelli's death:

Of course, we'll update you when we have more information.

Image via Getty

H/t to Unclaw2012 and Autovox

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Is it normal for them to keep racing in the rain?