World’s Largest Breasts Save Drunk Driver’s Life

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Sheyla Hershey, whose 38KKK breasts hold the Guinness world record for implants, crashed her Mustang while allegedly driving drunk to her Houston home on Super Bowl Sunday. She was not wearing a seatbelt, and claims those giant breasts saved her life.


According to Hershey, she thanked her breasts for taking the brunt of her crash into a tree.

My implants saved my life, my breasts are very sore and I have some scratches on them but I know I would have been badly hurt without them because they are very close to the steering wheel

Although arrested for drunk driving, Hershey denies being drunk. She does admit that at the time of the crash, she was taking drugs for depression, bipolar disorder, a headache and for back pain. Texas law may still rule her as intoxicated due to her drug use.

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I think the "world's largest" claim is dubious. I believe that title goes to a woman who is rather heavy and who only a real hardcore breast fetishist is really going to get in to. I can't remember her stage name but she is a woman of African ancestry (I dunno' her actual nation of origin, so I don't say "African-American", for all I know she could be British).