Setting the record for world's fastest gasoline-powered land vehicle, the 1,900 HP Spectre Performance Infidel is powered by a twin-turbo 1970s Cadillac punched out to 529 CI.

LSR cars typically run some sort of ethanol blend or nitromethane fuel for maximum power, while the maximum outright speeds are achieved by jet-powered, rather than wheel-driven vehicles. Thrust SSC holds the current outright land speed record of 763 MPH while the 458.4 MPH wheel-driven record is held by the Vesco Turbonator.

The Iron-block cadillac engine uses its original cast iron crank and achieved its record during its first outing on the salt and after only 3 runs.

In a reversal of conventional wisdom, the fastest gasoline-powered wheel-driven vehicle is slower than the fastest diesel-powered car; The JCB DieselMax hit 350.4 MPH in 2006. [Spectre via Autopia]