World Rally Champion Nearly Blew The Shit Out Of A Baby Cow

The cow seemed largely nonplussed.

WRC multi-champion and king asshole who laughs at your tears Sebastien Ogier was powering through a stage in Rally Mexico over the weekend, when a group of cows decided to wander through the road.


This should not be an ill mark on the cows; they walk through this road all the time I’m sure. It’s M. Ogier who is the exception to the rule, as most vehicles wheeling down this dirt road aren’t doing a kajillion miles an hour.

So the cows got caught off guard and Ogier in his 300 horsepower, AWD, super capable VW Polo R rally car dodged them with inches to spare.

Again, the cows didn’t seem to care that much.


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The cow seemed largely nonplussed.

I don’t think the word you’re using means what you think it means…

Also, you apparently used to work with my mother-in-law at the California Automitive Museum? Is this enough to get un-grayed?