We'd be pretty disappointed if our parents owned a lifted Topkick, H2 and a Challenger SRT8 — then for our sixteenth birthday they gave us a spray-painted rusted Chevy S-10 pickup. But would we freak out like the WoW freakout kid?


This crazy kid absolutely freaks out, grabs a bat and starts beating the hell out of his new birthday ride, claiming that his parents are trying to make fun of him in front of his friends. How a kid like this has friends in the first place is beyond us.


Not surprisingly, this isn't the first time this kid has absolutely freaked out. It's the same kid that tried to penetrate himself with a video game controller. Luckily, this freakout's a bit milder than the World of Warcraft freakout although we're starting to see a pattern in his behavior that may indicate an addiction to YouTube celebrity. You know, you need to nip that in the bud or else they'll start turning out like this.

But, more importantly, how any one person can love World of Warcraft so much, yet hate a battle hardened S-10 pickup is way beyond our comprehension. Someone get this kid some help. (Hat Tip To Rosie!)

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