Workhorse Engine of the Day: Fiat Twin-Cam

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What's this? A Fiat engine clattering its way into this series, no doubt leaving splotches of oil and bits of metal on your monitors? Yes indeed, folks, back away from those Fiat stereotypes here; this engine is a true workhorse and a serious race winner as well. It was manufactured in one form or another for more than 40 years, powering everything from Fiat 124s to ungodly numbers of Lancia rally winners over the years. Thanks to Biminitwist for the tip! [Wikipedia]


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I loves me my Fiat twinkies. My first race car was a street driven 124 Spider I campaigned for a few minutes in ITB and hooned endlessly on Grizzly Peak. The engine was a jewel; it would take endless revs with zeal.

The only downside was that this masterpiece of an engine was installed in a car that featured pre-fatigued metal. My first spider (one wasn't enough to sate my need for Italian automotive punishment) ended its life when the subframe liberated itself from the frame - introducing the engine and lower control arm to friendly Mr. Pavement.

Man I miss that car and the sounds it made.