Workers building fighter jets caught chugging beers over lunch

Workers at a Lockheed Martin plant in Texas are attempting to one-up their Michigander counterparts by drinking and smoking during lunch while building F-35 fighter jets. Cue the local news gotcha video.


Lockheed Martin takes in billions of taxpayer dollars and spits out weapon systems like the F-16 and F-35, built at their plant in Fort Worth, Texas. After a tip from someone who says they complained to Lockheed about the activity, the local Fox affiliate set up shop across the street from the plant and caught the workers boozing and smoking.

Unlike the enterprising UAW workers, these guys didn't even attempt to drive to a park far away from the plant. They just parked across the street from it, sitting in their trucks, drinking beer and whiskey before returning to work building advanced aircraft. One of the guys busted doing this was an "aircraft mechanic," which seems worse than the person responsible for gluing badges onto Jeep Grand Cherokees.


Here's the company's response:

Lockheed Martin does not permit any use of alcohol on company property and our employees are subject to testing if we have reason to believe they are impaired at work due to alcohol or drug use.


Well, fellas, here's some proof. Not to mention the guys who were smoking something out of a pipe before returning to work. Also, anyone notice how badly they were littering? Ever heard of Don't Mess With Texas?

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