Word War IV! Steve Harris Slaps Back for GM

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It's almost like after four salvos of this word war they've finally started to talk like civilized opponents. In the beginning it was all fun bitch-fight rhetoric with the Times calling GM a "crack dealer" and GM slapping back with Friedman being "intellectually dishonest." Now everyone's just playing nice — where's the fun in that? Even gearheads like us are getting bored of this crap. Our only consolation lies in Steven Harris' belief that the Fastlane blog is a real blog. To wit:

"Yesterday, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times devoted 1,279 words (subscription required), a full quarter of the Times' Op-Ed page, to respond directly to this blog's June 1 post by Steve Harris, which addressed Friedman's earlier criticism of GM. That the Times would respond in that way to any blog posting is significant. "


Gasp! Wait, is Harris claiming some kind of indie-cred because he posted his response on one of those new-fangled blogs? Oh wait, Fastlane's a corp-log...which is like a blog, but — it gets things normal blogs don't — like money, actual IT staff and corporate PR sponsorship. Calling the Fastlane a "blog" is like calling the New York Times a "zine."

The Times — Again [Fastlane]

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