The most powerful Men in open-wheel racing have told us time and time again that women donā€™t belong in Formula One, but Renault Sport couldnā€™t take their word for it. (Shouldnā€™t everyone take former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestoneā€™s word for it, on everything?) So, they put 79-year-old Rosemary Smith into a car.

And Smith, a woman who claims to be a rally driver when we all know women canā€™t do that sort of thing, definitely couldnā€™t handle it.

That mothering DNA was really getting in the way.


Women canā€™t physically drive an F1 car quickly, and theyā€™d never be taken seriously. Maybe it just took getting Smith out there to teach us all a lesson.

Women definitely arenā€™t capable of this kind of stuff, and theyā€™d never be taken seriously enough to get an actual ride. Thereā€™s no reason to try, really.


Women also really have to prove that they can do this sort of thing. They canā€™t just say that they want to and daydream about it.

The video credits closed out by saying that at 79, Smith became the oldest personā€”not womanā€”to drive an 800 BHP race car. But even she said that at her age, she ā€œshould be home doing [her] knitting.ā€


That she should.