Woman Wins $90 Million Dollar Lottery, Buys Really Boring Car

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As car enthusiasts, we all have what I call "the list." The list of dream cars we would buy if we got some massive windfall of money. I know the first two cars on my list are an E63 wagon and probably a 911 GTS. A Washington state woman who won a $90 million dollar jackpot had no such list, and bought a Subaru.


According to Yahoo News, Lisa Quam and her husband stopped by a convenience store on Thanksgiving day to pick up a few things, including two Powerball lottery tickets. She had never played the lottery before. They put the tickets on their refrigerator and checked the numbers on Sunday. They were not expecting to be instant millionaires.

This morning Lisa said good by to her coworkers at Boeing-

"Sent out an email to my co-workers and friends at work this morning and told them what a pleasure it was to work with them and to check the news today, and they'll come to an understanding of why I am writing this note,"

Her first purchase? A brand new Subaru Forester. That is how strong the cult of Subaru is in the Pacific Northwest. Despite this modest choice I can't really fault Mrs. Quam for making the sensible choice since statistics have shown a large number of lottery winners are broke within a few years. But who knows... maybe Lisa will upgrade the Subie in a few years to a Macan Turbo S or something.

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It's a sensible choice.

A lottery winner who buys a Lamborghini full of champagne and cocaine is probably going to be bankrupt within a couple of years anyway.