Woman Somehow Manages To Hang Her Car From A Power Line

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When you look at a car wreck, and your best guesses as to exactly what happened involve either angry giants or failed UFO abductions, you have to be at least a little impressed by the wreck. A 56-year old Tennessee woman has certainly impressed me, somehow getting her Saturn tangled in overhead power lines.


Hard to imagine? Here, look:

Holy crap. How the hell did this happen?

The Jackson Sun reports The Medina, Tennessee woman, whose name isn’t being released (probably because she doesn’t want all the fan mail and offers to start a rewarding career as a stuntwoman) was driving her Saturn with its rakishly contrasting-color fender around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday when the accident happened.

In a series of events worthy of one of those stupid scenes in a Final Destination movie, she ran off the road, then hit a fence, then somehow “drove down the fence” until she reached the power pole’s guy wires. She somehow managed to drive up the guy wires until another wire wrapped around her tire, suspending her in mid-air.

She stayed suspended up there, dangling in her car, for a good two hours. I’m sure she spent that time repeating the phrase “what the fuck just happened” to herself, over and over again.


How did this happen? That’s a front-wheel drive car; to get up those wires, she’d have to have positioned at least one tire right on the wire, where it would have had to have enough grip to pull the whole car up the guy wire at least, what, a dozen feet or more? Would sheer momentum have done the trick if she was going fast enough?


Man, I wish there was a camera pointing at this random power pole.

The woman was eventually freed by rescue personnel and, luckily, suffered no major injuries. No drugs or alcohol were found to be a factor, but perhaps she pissed off some genie at some point recently.


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No big deal.