Woman Drops Keys While Fighting Phone Thief Only To Have Bystanders Steal Her Car

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A woman dropped her car keys when she was attacked outside of an Atlanta, Georgia gas station by somebody trying to steal her phone, and then some bystanders walked up, grabbed her keys and stole her car.


As coordinated as it may sound, police believe that the two attempted robberies were separate crimes, with the car theft being labeled a “crime of opportunity” for the bystanders while the victim was busy being thrown around by the woman trying to steal her phone, according to AJC.


Surveillance footage above, from WSB-TV, shows the alleged phone thief in the store with the victim before the attack, where she reportedly asked to make a phone call and was denied. Outdoor surveillance footage shows the same woman attacking the victim moments later, slinging her around and causing her to drop the keys to her 2007 Saturn Vue.

Then three men came and grabbed her keys off of the ground and drove off in the car.

The victim managed to walk away from the incident, but all four suspects are still at large, and the car, which was last seen with Michigan plates, has yet to be found.

It’d be hard to walk away from this not thinking the world is a horrible, terrible place. How fucked up do you have to be to ignore the woman being attacked, and then go and steal her car? I can’t even come up with a positive spin to finish with. That shit is pretty bleak.

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The positive spin is she got rid of her Saturn.